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School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Welcome to the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities under the aegis of the Higher Institute for Professional Development & Training (HIPDET) University, Cameroon. The Departments of our college follow the motto of the HIPDET University, ‘Creating Visions & Empowering the Future’.


The course curriculum, developed by our experienced and dedicated faculty from different departments in this college, is very innovative and contemporary. Our course material, teaching pedagogy and online mode of knowledge sharing has been in line with the current global trends and equip our students with appropriate professional skills. I am proud of my well qualified faculty and appreciate their dedication in academics and research.


Our student – faculty ratio is good and the faculty is easily approachable. Our faculty gives personal attention to each student and seriously aims to improve the student performance in academics as well as in skill development and personality development. We expect our students to focus on academics and actively participate in other departmental activities. I thank you to join CASSH, an exciting place committed to the scholarly excellence and professional development of the students. I wish you Good Luck and Success in your future endevours in life after the completion of course.

Prof. Anima Sharma

Department of Communication

As part of our commitment to our community of Cameroon and the world, the School of Arts, Social Science, and Humanities offers certificate degree programs which can be offered to anyone with a desire to learn.  We believe in open access to anyone with a willingness to learn.  Our certificate programs are offered through the School of Vocational Training and administred by the the School of Arts, Social Science, and Humanities.
Our 30-credit Certificate in Communication Studies will provide you with the fundamentals of communication, including the principles and dynamics of interpersonal relationships, the value and impact of social media, the application of effective cross-cultural communication, and the development of advanced oral communication.

Certificate in Communication Studies

Associate of Arts:  Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts:  Public Relations

The ability to organize one’s thoughts and present them with clarity and precision are communication skills transferable to all careers. An Associate Degree in communication studies is particularly applicable to careers in advertising, arts administration, cinema, copy editing and writing, corporate communications, counseling, education, entertainment, interviewing, journalism, labor relations, law, the legislature, lobbying, management, marketing, media, news analysis, personnel, play writing, politics, proofreading, public affairs, public information, public relations, radio and television, reporting, research, sales, script writing and editing, speech writing, sportscasting, supervision, television, and theatre.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations is for students seeking to make a difference in this world. Public Relations is about influencing, engaging, and building a relationship with key stakeholders to shape and frame the public perception of an organization. The Public Relations has a unique concentration emphasis in international public relations with a choice of three differentforeign languages. In addition to mastering the latest technological tools for communications, students are encouraged to build their own online presence/brand throughout their college career.

View Course Schedule

View Course Schedule

View Course Schedule

English Language Institute

The HIPDET University English Language Institute offers intensive English programs that prepare students for using English in the real world. Our methods of instruction are based on current research in the fields of language teaching, acquisition, learning, and assessment. We offer English instruction that prepares you for using English in an academic or professional context as well as the culture that is all around you.

Dr. Shazly Ragab

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics will develop the understanding of the theoretical foundations of modern economic thought and conclude with advanced study of one or more specialized areas: banking and finance, econometrics, industrial organization, international economics, labor markets, macroeconomics, microeconomics and public finance. An undergraduate major in economics prepares students for a range of opportunities after graduation. Economics majors frequently go on to work in finance, public and policy administration, and government or continue studies at the graduate level.

Associate of Science Degree in Economics

An Associate Degree in Economics teaches students how to identify economic trend and understand major economic principles. Graduates are prepared to pursue entry-level careers in the field or to continue their education in a bachelor's degree program. Core courses cover a variety of topics, including micro- and macroeconomics, financial accounting, business computer applications, and economic geography and global issues.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

A Bachelor of Science degree in Economics provides you with a solid foundation for a career inbusiness, government, or with a nonprofit organization. In this program, you will study howsocieties, governments, businesses, households, and individuals create, use, manage anddistribute resources. Economists are vital in helping predict and study responses to changes inpolicy and market changes, an important skill in today’s changing business environment.

Department of Social Sciences

The mission of the Department of Social Sciences is to advance the intellectual, analytical, and communication skills of students  to become future social scientist through our education core curriculum courses, and our specialized courses for academic majors offered by the Department of Social Science.

Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseiling

Associate of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseiling

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Master of Arts in Social Work

The Marriage and Family Counseling program at HIPDET University is designed to provide students with all the educational competencies and skill development as entry-level professional counselors who specialize in preventing and remediating conflicts or crises in and fostering the development of individuals, marriages, couples, and families.  Emphasis on systems theory and evidence-based practice, the program trains individuals to work in a culturally and contextually appropriate way in a variety of settings, including community agencies, NGO’s, hospitals, and private practice, and to provide consultation to businesses and agencies.

Our Associate Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling provides students with the core knowledge necessary to work with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of settings. The program requires extensive educational requirements to become an effective counselor in Marriage and Family.  Marriage and family counselors provide individual, couple, family, relational and group therapy. They assess, treat and implement change in the overall, long-term well-being of individuals, couples, families and those in other relationships. The traditional emphasis on the individual is expanded to include consideration of the nature and roles of individuals in relation to others, particularly in the family system.

The HIPDET University Social Work Program is well known in the academic world as a producer of skilled social workers from an advanced curriculum. The faculty members come from various backgrounds in the diverse field of social work. The BSW program at HIPDET covers the vast continuum of social work areas, including child welfare, gerontology, working with people living with disabilities and mental health, and research to name a few. Students are involved with community agencies and programs throughout the social work curriculum.

The application of social work values, ethics, and practice to the development of strategies for global change related to key social issues including poverty, gender inequality, health, mental health, ethnic conflict, violence, migration/immigration and child welfare. Demonstrate skills in implementing evidence informed interventions aimed at creating sustainable social development and conflict resolution. Utilize intercultural communication skills and culturally informed practices with vulnerable populations. Articulate how social work values, skills and knowledge about social work practices abroad are applicable to local, regional, and international social development goals and programs. Understand global systemic oppression and how to promote social justice. Demonstrate skills in working with interdisciplinary teams and developing community partnerships to address global issues. As the traditional path to the MSW degree, the The Master of Social Work with concentration emphasis in global social work can be completed in two years or less.