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+237 679 152 393

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President Atangche J. Vingalla

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P.O.Box 5172, Nkwen

Opposite Nkwen District Hospital

Mile 4 Nkwen

Bamenda III Sub-division

NWR- Cameroon


Tel: +237 679 152 393


University of Bamenda

Havard University Institute

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Message from the President

Mission Statement


Institutional Goals

Strategic Directions

Core Values

Civic Responsibility and Civility

Diversity & Dignity

Student Success

Non-discrimination & Affirmative Statement




HIPDET is a modern progressive tertiary training institution dedicated to developing professional capacities into young people and assisting them into meaningful careers. The institution was granted accreditation in 2013 as a Vocational training institution by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational training and in 2015 following our contribution in the vocational sector in the country, the institution was accredited as a non-profit private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) by the Ministry of Higher Education.

In the year of 2020, our Board of trustees created the HIPDET University Education Foundation, Inc. in Newark, New Jersey.  The formation of this foundation was for the sole purpose of education advancement in the world.  We strive to accommodate a proactive and progressive professional educational environment, that identifies and addresses the changing developmental and professional needs of students, empowering transformational change toward self-awareness and community participation.

HIPDET as the name implies seeks to build professional capacities in young people, ushering them into promising careers. It is structured to fill existing gaps in the professional education system in by introducing new productive fields of study, introducing an innovative practical-based approach of study, and responding to employers’ specific needs for professionalism. To this end, our goal is to offer the necessary training to expand not only on chances to succeed at related examinations but also to increase professional suitability that instantly attracts employers in this era of economic competition

We know that higher education is more than textbooks and classes, so we encourage you to become active in the institution and in your community. Explore all the possibilities available, take advantage of leadership and volunteer opportunities which may develop during your time here at HIPDET.  You are part of an engaged and enterprising Institution that is interconnected with the World. Our institution is alive with possibilities to learn and grow. Our faculty are here to provide you with a quality education that will open doors for you and make your education dreams come true




Atangche J. Vingalla


Mission Statement

Institutional Goals

Strategic Directions

Core Values


Civic Responsibility & Civility

Diversity & Dignity

Diversity & Dignity

Non-discrimination & Affirmative Statement

Our mission is to educate students for the purpose of becoming future leaders of the World.

HIPDET University will be a premier university dedicated to innovative student engagement and success, advancing Cameroon, and impacting the world. The vision expresses the principal ideal to which the University aspires and toward which it continually works. This vision statement for the University Strategic Plan was developed after gathering input from external and internal constituents

HIPDET University’s institutional goals give substance to our core values, vision statement, and mission statement. The goals impact all facets of university life and accomplishment of them will help HIPDET to become a leading comprehensive university in the Cameroon and the World for excellence.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Commitment to Student Success
  • Institutional Distinction
  • Financial Strength
  • Service to Communities and Region

Planning Cycle to direct the University’s actions toward achieving the Vision, to support the University’s Mission and Institutional Goals, and to function effectively within an environment of challenges and opportunities, HIPDET University has selected the following Strategic Directions for the Strategic Plan. These directions serve to focus our work to realize our Goals and will guide us for the future. (Please note: The Goals and Strategic Directions are not listed in any order or suggested priority

  • To promote and support an inclusive climate that respects and celebrates diversity by attracting, developing, and educating a diverse student, faculty, and staff population
  • To continuously assess and improve the services and infrastructure of the University to support and maintain high quality programs
  • To promote learning through high quality programs, research, and support services.
  • To develop and enhance an environment facilitating intellectual curiosity, cultural opportunities, and problem-solving abilities for members of the University community
  • To increase and enhance external and internal constituency engagement, while maintaining a connection with Cameroon and our students around the world.

Since its inception, HIPDET University has been driven by core values. Although its mission has evolved and expanded beyond a simple university located in Cameroon, core values are still an integral part of the community. Values are the code of organizational conduct. They guide decision-making in all parts of the Institution. HIPDET University has been and will continue to be guided by the following values when planning strategies and implementing decisions regarding the community’s teaching, scholarly, and service activities.

We believe that it is the duty of HIPDET University to deliver to our students an understanding of how the knowledge taught to them can benefit the citizens of Cameroon and the world. Civic responsibility is a value that will show those who acquire it how to influence democratic decision-making and to reap the rewards of participatory democracy and active citizenship. At the heart of civic responsibility lies another value: civility. The University community strives to propagate the understanding and practice of civility in public discourse and social life by encouraging the adoption of techniques of democratic conflict resolution that rely on reason and public debate rather than on violence and aggression

Members of the HIPDET community expect one another to adopt high moral principles and professional standards both inside and outside of the university setting. We hold ourselves to the responsibility of dignity as exemplified by a proper sense of pride and self-respect in fulfilling the Institutions mission. We honor and pursue a university community climate that respects and celebrates the diversity of peoples and seeks to embrace all individuals and prohibits judgments based on race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, and physical disabilities

The HIPDET community acknowledges that its students, faculty, staff, and alumni are the source of its strength: They determine the spirit, eminence, and efficacy of the institution. The future of HIPDET University directly hinges on the success of its students, so our most central core value is “student success” in the classroom, at work, and on the world stage where students will represent the collective efforts of our community

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